We gained a fond interest in detailing through attending various car shows and seeing posts on social media. A mass array of detailing shampoos, polishes, glazes, and waxes etc. Of course, we needed to try THEM ALL so spent the next few summers purchasing various brands to see what they looked like, how they felt to use and results.

Our main interest swayed toward the finishing stages. We started to collect waxes of sorts, different textures, colours, and scents. This got us interested in to how these waxes were made and how different mixtures and ingredients can affect all sorts of factors.

We began to experiment with different raw waxes and oils to try and achieve a wax which we found to be pleasurable to use yet look awesome and pleasing to the nostrils yet provide epic gloss and clarity whilst giving a good protection. After months of research, experimentation, tweaking, and critique from professional detailers DAT WAX was born.

We originally developed DAT WAX show wax which proved to be very popular and then moved into the creation of a range other waxes based around this product. Receiving great reviews, we launched a super sleek shampoo and a gloss enhancing detailer which received a great following and some very good reviews. We built up a small network of UK stockists and a few further afield.

We have now developed alongside the waxes a full range of Auto detailing produce to compliment the DAT WAX brand and will be looking to release more and more going forward including some extra special waxes as the wax will always be our flagship product. We have 3 waxes and 9 initial liquid products now launched and will be followed by release of additional products as the brand grows.

We are further developing the Brand into sports including MTB, SURF, SNOW, and ICE HOCKEY and have a pipeline of other products and accessories in motion too.

Any support and reviews will be most appreciated and will always be used to help further develop our brand and our products.

dat wax | not just an auto wax brand